The Shell: A World of Decoration & Ornament Book Ingrid Thomas, Thames & Hudson

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Beautiful book showcasing historical uses for seashells. Features illustrations and pictures. There is a name written on the inside cover.

"The intricate beauty of shells has captivated humans through the ages. These gifts of nature have been put to an amazing array of uses - sharpened into tools, ground to make medicines, blown to make music. Shells were used as currency from the Americas through Africa to Asia, and worn as amulets to bring fertility, good fortune or protection from the evil eye. Above all, the beauty of shells has fired the imaginations of artists and craftsmen, and their work forms the lavish heart of this book.

From the simplest string of beads to designs in gold and precious stones, shells have inspired centuries of exquisite invention in silverware, ceramics, glass textiles, furniture and fashion."

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