Rio Grande In Color, Vol. 1: Colorado by Ross B. Grenard First Printing

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First printing. ISBN: 1-878887-11-4. Still in good condition. Dust cover has minor ripping at the top binding but not a lot. 


"In writing about the Rio Grande, it is virtually impossible to begin without acknowledging that group of individuals whose efforts during the long night of bankruptcy ensured that it would be operating in years to come. Their contribution was immense, both to the world of transportation and to those, who like myself have found it both a compelling and physically beautiful railroad to watch and to describe.

The idea for this book and the suggestion that we cover the epochal years we did, are those of Robert Yanosey, and he has my eternal gratitude for having suggested it to me. He has also been of great assistance in a number of other areas related to the work, and has suggested several ways to go about my task."