All Aboard Amtrak 1971-1991 by Mike Schafer - National Railroad Passenger Corporation Book

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By Mike Schafer with Bob Johnston and Kevin McKinney. Published by Railplace Company, Inc. ISBN: 0-9621541-4-8. Copyrighted in 1991. Printed in the USA.


"Why would a devout student of the passenger train who was born in the 1940's be such a loyal follower of Amtrak? After all, it was the National Railroad Passenger Corporation's formation which ultimately doomed more than half of the U.S. passenger trains on May 1, 1971, ending a colorful period of individualism, history and operation in railroading.

Indeed, several of my contemporaries lost interest in American passenger trains that fateful day, citing that homogenization of what was in fact the skeletal remains of a once-vast and amazingly diverse rail passenger transport system had taken the last breath out of a dying industry..."