A King's Story The Memoirs of The Duke of Windsor 1951 Hardcover Putnam

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This book is still in great, readable condition. Cover has a small stain on the backside. Pages are all still very straight and crisp with no folding or writing. It was been quickly scanned over. Includes photos. 

"In Richmond Park, Surrey, ten miles from London, there stands a fine, commodious, Georgian house called White Lodge. Toward the end of the nineteenth century, this house was the home of my maternal grandparents, the Duke and Duchess of Teck. One summer's evening in 1894, a future King of England, the then Duke of York, was in the library reading, or attempting to read, Pilgrim's Progress, while waiting for his first child to be born. It is doubtful whether this ponderous classic could have provided my father with a satisfactory distraction from his anxiety. Nevertheless, he persevered, and all in the proper time the news for which he waited came. In the diary in which were confided the hopes and trials of a lifetime he wrote: "WHITE LODGE, 23rd June - at 10.0 a sweet little boy was born and weighed 8 lb... Mr. Asquith [Home Secretary] came to see him."

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