Twilight of the Denver and Rio Grande by Wesley Fox Hand Signed Autographed 1995

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This book has been hand autographed by Wesley Fox in 1995. Book is still in great condition. Cover has minor scratches but does not take away from the actual cover or image. Pages are still in great shape, clean and crisp. 

ISBN: 0-9604122-6-3. First printing, November 1992. Photo editing by Gregory Monroe.


"In 1985, Denver, Colorado businessman Philip Anschutz purchased the 114 year old Denver & Rio Grande Western Railroad, to operate under his new "Rio Grande Industries". Initially, it appeared that this was to be a positive event, especially in light of recent years during which the Grande had seemed to stagnate as a bridge line subsisting on moving west coast freight between Denver and Salt Lake City, Utah and some locally generated (and fluctuating) coal traffic.

But then in 1988, Mr. Anschutz also purchased the giant Southern Pacific Railroad. And as more and more SP locomotives began showing up in the consists of Rio Grande trains, speculation ran rampant as to what the new name of the merged railroads would be..."